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Deep Wellness Package

Deep Wellness Package

Wellness Packages for Lasting Positive Change

~ Deep Wellness ~

5 ~ 3hr sessions: $880

Self Care Plan and Plan for Action, Diet and Exercise Plan,

Counselling / Coaching, Hawaiian Massage with other

Modalities, Self Care Homework Between Sessions & Follow Up

In this package you will get to experience all of the services I offer!

This package is great for taking a deep dive into your wellness,

by looking at what needs to be improved in all areas of your life,

and really taking some steps towards a positive change.

In this package you can work through life's challenges by

processing your emotions, reviewing events from your past,

bringing balance into your nervous system to help with anxiety or depression,

healing from trauma or abuse, re-patterning your beliefs,

releasing negative patterns from your life, and manifesting your dreams!

You will get some delicious pampering from the facial, foot and aromatherapy treatments.

Specific injuries, or areas of chronic pain can be focused on in the massages.


Each Session will start with a 30 - 60 minute check-in

and counselling or coaching process that will focus on

a different area of your life or your healing.

This process is followed by massage and other modalities.



1. Create a Personal Wellness Plan for Action & full body Hawaiian Massage
2. Looking at Diet & Exercise Plan + Hawaiian Massage with Joint Rotations
3. Looking at Your Beliefs + Facial Treatment & Hawaiian Massage
4. Looking at Your Relationships + Deluxe Foot Treatment & Massage
5. Ho’oponopono Process for Forgiveness and Liberation + Deluxe Aromatherapy Massage

Let’s Work Together

Are you ready to commit to your wellness? Get in touch so we can start working together.

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