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Wellness Packages

Are you ripe for wellness?  Ready for a juicier existence?

Willing to live a sweeter life?

Try a Wellness Package, and bring a long lasting change into your life!



(for people who can come regularly for a few months)

When you combine several modalities together in a 5 session package,

you can receive the full benefit of the services I offer!


By purchasing one of these Wellness Packages,

you embark on a journey of self healing and self care

that will assist you to align every area of your life in the direction of your goals.


You have the added bonus of one on one support and

someone to hold you accountable to making new, healthy choices for yourself.

In a 5 session Wellness Package, we lay out a plan for wellness that involves

  • counselling and coaching for the mind and the emotions

  • self care homework for creating positive change with follow-up

  • holistic bodywork treatments for repairing the skin, muscles and organs

  • adjustments to lifestyle for cleansing and detoxifying the body

  • techniques restoring peace and balance in the nervous system


A wellness package is a good deal! (20% off the regular fee of each session)
Once purchased, your package is good for 6 months,
so you can book your sessions as needed for your optimal wellness.


Ripe for Wellness Package

5 ~ 1.5 hr sessions

Create a Holistic Wellness Plan!

This package of 1.5hr sessions will get you on your way to greater health and well-being.  We will create a plan for change, and use a combination of massage and other modalities, to heal the body,mind and spirit.

Yoga at Home

Juicy Wellness Package

5 ~ 2hr sessions

Create a Juicy Wellness Plan!

This package of 2hr sessions will immerse you in the beauty and bliss of being pampered.  We will use a combination of massage, face, foot, hand treatments and aromatherapy, to soothe the body, mind and spirit.


Holistic Wellness

5 ~ 2 hr sessions

This holistic approach to wellness focuses on combining counselling & coaching with massage.
This package is great for making a healing connection between the mind and the body,

and involves making a personal holistic healing plan for creating a powerful, lasting change.

Meditation by the Sea

Deep Wellness

5 ~ 3 hr sessions

This deep dive into wellness focuses on making a holistic healing plan for creating powerful change in your life. Counselling & coaching for any issues effecting the mind and emotions are combined with massage, bodywork, and other modalities for healing.

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