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Counselling and Coaching

Holding Hands


Counselling can help bring peace to the mind and the emotions.  It is a great way to look at the parts of yourself that you would like to improve, and also to understand why you are the way you are.  It can be used to activate a deeper healing within the body, by seeing how your thoughts and emotions are effecting your body, and creating change in the mind and body.

Counselling for trauma recovery can bring balance into the nervous system, and relieve anxiety or depression.  It can be uselful for re-patterning triggers and reactive patterns. 


Counselling helps you have a better relationship with yourself, and as a result, you will also have healthier relationships with others.


Coaching is a method for breaking through blocks to positive change in your life.  Coaching can help you identify the direction you want to take in your career, health or relationships, and to take steps in moving forward towards your goals.

Topics explored in coaching are: values, beliefs, goals, passion, boundaries, self care, career, health and relationships.


In coaching we look at all areas of your life and we decide together what you would like to improve or bring a shift to.

We will work together, empowering you to use your strengths and eliminate destructive patterns.


This is a Hawaiian type of counselling process that brings harmony to one's body, mind and spirit. With ho'oponopono we look at any judgments or limitations we are perpetuating in our lives, and we commit to positive change.  It can involve forgiveness, conflict resolution, or working on releasing and re patterning limiting beliefs. Ho'oponopono is a great addition to any session.



1hr session: $75


Counselling / Coaching Wellness Packages:

In a series of 5 counselling sessions,
you can really create a positive change in your life! 
(buy a package of 5 sessions & receive 20% off each session)

5 ~ 1hr sessions: $300


Wellness Packages:

Combine Counselling with the other modalities I offer and you can really gain the benefits of all my services!

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