Reflexology helps to induce relaxation and circulation, encouraging the body to heal itself.

This treatment involves the use of hot moist towels applied to the feet with a luxurious and relaxing reflexology massage using aromatherapy massage oils.

Reflexology has many benefits!


Stimulates brain function, increases energy,
boosts circulation, induces a deep state of
relaxation, eliminates toxins, stimulates the

organs and opens the meridians, prevents chronic pain or stress, and relieves sore, tired and stiff hands and feet!



30 min treatment for feet ~ includes warm moist towels, and aromatherapy oils with foot massage $50

30 min treatment for hands and forearms~ includes aromatherapy treatment with
hand and forearm massage ~ $50

45 min treatment for feet ~ includes foot soak in warm water with aromatherapy treatment, and foot and calf massage ~ $75


45 min treatment for hands and feet ~ Includes foot, calf, hand and forearm massage with aromatherapy oils ~ $75

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