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Patti Miller  ~ Massage Practitioner and Holistic Health Educator
ALOHA! My training is extensive in Hawaiian Healing techniques,

and I have practised and taught Holistic Health for over 15 years.

I have certifications in Counselling, Coaching, Aromatherapy, and Reflexology.  My sessions work on the body, mind and the spirit.

I am co-author of the book Hawaiian Shamanistic Healing.

I currently offer private sessions in my home studio
on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, in Gibsons, BC Canada. 


Hawaiian massage sessions, Aromatherapy treatments with hot moist towels, counselling, coaching reflexology, facials and other forms of healing are available one on one.


Personal trainings, online classes and group workshops are offered regularly for those who would like become a practitioner.

In August I will be opening a new, professional massage location in Robert's Creek BC.  Stay tuned for more details on my new space!





Personal trainings can be arranged this summer.

I am beginning live, group workshops in the Fall!


I cannot prevent you from coming in close contact
with me during your massage.
Even with careful cleaning and hygiene, there will always be some risk involved with getting a massage.

Please be sure to stay home if you have experienced or have
been exposed to anyone who has shown
any signs or symptoms of a (cold, flu or virus).

This will help ensure the safety of others.
By slowing the spread of germs,
we minimize infecting others in the process.

I will wear a mask at your request as my client.

I will not require you to wear one during your session.

If you would like to wear a mask, feel free to bring one!

I will clean and sanitize all touch point areas in my space
before and after your session.

To reduce the risk of contacting COVID,
I suggest you wash well before your session,
and wash again with soap and water after your session.
Take Care, and Stay Healthy!

Private Sessions

~ Relax and Unwind ~

Renew your body, mind and spirit with a private session in Lomilomi Massage, Reflexology,
Facials, Aromatherapy, Counselling / Coaching


Courses offered in Hawaiian Healing, Massage, Shamanic Bodywork and Ancestral Healing.  Personal Training can also be arranged,
or bring me to your town!

Hawaiian Shamanistic Healing - The Book

Would you like to bring
more sacredness into your life?
This book offers insights
for personal healing,
and tools for assisting others.

More Fun Stuff

Enjoy Patti's Artwork, Videos,
Articles, and other magical creations!



297 2nd St

Gibsons BC

V0N 1V5

Tel: 604 886 4588

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