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I offer sessions in Hawaiian Massage, Shamanic Bodywork, Reflexology for the hands and the feet, Facial treatments, and Aromatherapy Massage treatments involving the use of hot moist towels.


Combination Sessions and Wellness Packages are a great way to heal the body, the mind & spirit. 

Counselling  & Coaching NOW available!

5 Packs are a fabulous deal!
Buy any 4 sessions and
get 1 session FREE!



~ Learn Hawaiian Healing ~

In person retreats and personal trainings will be resuming in 2022.
(see course schedule)


Hawaiian massage can be a great tool to draw upon as a practitioner of the healing arts.

Each style of lomi is unique and
has its own special and sacred
way of treating the body. 

My trainings focus on empowering the practitioner to uncover and enhance their own unique strengths and abilities as a healer.