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Most trainings are 2 - 6 days in length and involve

learning both the front and back of the body.

I offer longer more intensive trainings, 10 days,

when teaching residential retreats.


Longer trainings can be broken down into a group of 2 day weekend workshops, in which you will learn the routine in parts.


Personal training is very flexible, and any course can be adapted to suit your needs.  Weekend personal trainings can be arranged in Gibsons for 1 - 3 people, for a fun little healing adventure.


Want to bring me to your town? If you can gather 4 - 6 people I will come to you and teach a training!  Please email me for more details....

Hawaiian Shamanistic Healing
Online Course

Live Interactive ZOOM Class

This course uses the Book “Hawaiian Shamanistic Healing” as a handbook, and offers a live, interactive group experience of shamanic healing practices and exercises for personal growth.


It is a 5 part course, and each part is a 3 hour class.

Classes will be held once a week, over a 5 week period.

Each part will feature some grassroots Hawaiian teachings,
as well as modern day approaches to Hawaiian Healing.

Lomi Pule O'o ~ Hawaiian Massage
and the Healing Power of Prayer

Lomi Pule O'o

Hawaiian Massage &
The Healing Power of Prayer

This 4 day course is a good introduction to the different lineages of Lomilomi Massage that we carry in our halau. In this course, the students learn a fairly simple, loving and effective massage routine that combines some of my favorite strokes from the traditional lineages from Maui, the Big Island and Kauai. 

There is much focus given to exploring the use of prayer in healing, and participants have a chance to learn some Hawaiian prayers and meditations.

Heartworks Traditional Hawaiian Massage

Traditional Hawaiian Massage

In this 4 day training students learn a beautiful style of lomi that creates a simple full body routine that can be used in a professional setting.  This type of massage focuses on circulation and relaxation through a spiritual connection to Divinity. It is very flowing and nurturing, given with the gift of the spirit of aloha.  The Heartworks Training involves meditations for centering and quieting the mind so that the Higher Power can work through the practitioner. Participants will also learn how to integrate Ho'oponopono (forgiveness process) into the massage.

Akua Mana ~ Temple Style Lomilomi Massage

Akua Mana

Temple Style Lomi Massage

This 4 Day training is a Temple Style Lomilomi Massage Training that embodies the essence of this sacred healing art. We will introduce the teachings of the kahuna, Hawaiian chants and Spiritual Practices. The massage focuses on the use of the forearm in Lomi, and other shamanic techniques for releasing blocked energy from the body. In this training, Patti will teach a Temple Style Lomi routine that is trans-formative and healing on many levels.  This full body lomi routine involves many flowing and wonderfully relaxing forearms strokes, and deeper strokes that open and release stress and tension.

Big Island Style Lomi

Big Island Style Traditional Lomi Massage

This 4 - 6 day course will immerse students in the beauty and richness of Lomilomi Massage and Shamanic Bodywork. We will share strokes and techniques from the halau of Aunty Margaret, as well as Bone Washing and Creating Space from the halau of Harry Uhane Jim.  Aunty Margaret had a way of combining a more therapeutic massage style with an ancient and sacred meaning that deeply nourishes the soul.  This style of lomi is feminine and gentle.  The techniques of Harry Uhane Jim work to gently open and create more space between the joints and bones of the body, and allow for the cherished wounds to come out to be released, so that more of our true, authentic self can be present.

Aloha Mana ~ Advanced Temple Style Lomi

Aloha Mana

Temple Style Lomi with
Joint Rotations

This 7 - 9 day course involves the Temple Style Lomi, Aloha Mana curriculum. In this course, the students learn the full body massage routine that focuses on the use of forearms for a massage tool, with some use of the elbow for deeper applications.  There is much focus on deep, slow, joint rotations and assisted stretches for the arms, legs, wrists, ankles, shoulders and hips.  We will also be building our connection to the higher power through Hawaiian chanting and the Ka’alele dance, a trancelike dance that opens you to spirit.  We will be clearing the way to our future with Haipule. By setting goals and visualizing our intentions,
we will develop tools for manifestation.  We will practice clearing the past with Ho'oponopono (forgiveness process), a profound tool for liberation.

Kahi Loa - Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork

Kahi Loa

Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork

Explore how to feel, move and clear the energy that exists in everything.

Develop a stronger connection to the spirit world and your spirit guides! 
Kahi Loa is a light touch, energy healing technique that calls upon and incorporates the spirits of nature for the healing benefit of the receiver.  This form of healing is done with clothes on, and with no oil.  Students will learn how to perform a Kahi Loa session, in which many different types of hands on healing techniques used.

In this 2 day training participants will learn how to call in assistance from the spirit world and the forces of nature to bring healing to another.  There will be some Hawaiian chants and spiritual principles introduced as well.

Ho'oponopono ~ The Power of Forgiveness


Hawaiian Conflict Resolution and Liberation Process

Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian process of clearing resentments, fears and judgments. Ho’oponopono helps you to clear the path to your own Divine High Self; clearing energetic attachments from your past that are holding your power hostage, in a state of ‘reaction’ from judgment. When the path is clear, you can then live from inspiration, in a flow of abundance!  Learn to use Ho’oponopono to invoke the power of the Divine and the assistance of our ancestors to heal issues within the family. Patti shares the art of Ho’oponopono, the traditional roots and principles of the more formal group "family style" ho'oponopono, as well as modern adaptations you can use every day on your own. 

The Ho'oponopono workshop can be 1/2 a day to 2 days in length, depending on how deep into the teachings you would like to go.

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