Akua Mana 

Temple Style Lomilomi


Learn the Basics of Temple Style Lomi with Patti Miller

This Training teaches a unique form of Hawaiian massage for both front and back of the body, using forearm and some elbow strokes, as well as sacred shamanic bodywork.

We will share several aspects of this art form which some would say, is perhaps the most popular form of Lomilomi in the world today because

of its unique blend of traditional Hawaiian and contemporary healing approaches. It is rapidly growing in popularity also because of its sensuous, creative and free flowing nature. It’s free spirited and fun and yet very deep and grounded in the roots of the tribal peoples of Hawaii.


The massage strokes are performed with a flowing yet dynamic navigational rhythm.  Temple style massage is mostly performed with the forearms as

the primary pressuring ‘tool,’ with some deeper work using elbows and comforting strokes using the forearms, creating waves of bliss all over the body. Using the forearms and elbows tends to save the giver’s wrists and hands over many years of issuing deeper pressure.


The human soul has a primal longing for connecting to the sacred. Connecting to the sacred aspects of life brings a deeper meaning to the human experience. Temple Style Lomilomi with a highly qualified Lomi

Giver offers you a unified sacred experience for both the giver and the receiver. The person who is receiving the Lomilomi can feel they are being touched by someone who is profoundly ‘present‘ and radiant within the Light of Aloha. They can feel the Lomi Giver is fully receiving them and

what they are feeling.


This experience holds profound vibrations of a tribal culture deeply in love with nature. This can stir up past-life remembrance of things unhealed from deep within the cells of the body. We promote the infinite Light and Breath of Aloha to heal all it touches. Temple Style Lomi can also be performed in tandem, with two practitioners working together. This adds another dimension to the experience for the receiver. In this state of Infinite Love,

we come face to face with who we truly are as a whole integrated being: Love in a body. Alive. Innocent. Creative. Free.


This 4 Day Training teaches all the basic aspects of Temple Style Lomi

which can immediately be applied as a full healing session.

In this training I teach mostly forearm work,

with some ceremonial shamanic healing components thrown in the mix.

Akua Mana, means the power of God

So the spiritual theme of this training is

Connecting to ke Akua, which means God, or Spirit,

and using this connection to the Divine

for the healing benefit of another


Akua Mana Training Includes:


Strokes for the back of the body,
(back, shoulders, arms and legs)

Strokes for the front of the body

(face, neck, head, torso, belly, arms and legs)

The deeper elbow work is introduced,

and also gentle joint rotations and assisted stretching

to open the knees and shoulders.

This is a great training to take before Aloha Mana, which teaches a deeper, more advanced approach to the forearm work and rotations.

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