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Kahi Loa

Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork

Kahi Loa is Pure Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork!

This healing modality uses gentle touch, guided visualization and meditation,

along with Hawaiian chant to call in the Elemental Spirits and Kingdoms of nature. 

Participants in this training will learn how to move and balance energy in the body, and how to connect to the spirit world and access help from the powers of nature.

Learn how to feel, move and clear the energy that exists in and around the body,
and access a stronger connection to the spirit world, the angels and ancestors.


This form of healing is done with clothes on, and with no oil.  There are many different types of hands on healing techniques used in a Kahi Loa session.

In this 2 day training participants will learn how to call in assistance from the spirit world and the forces of nature to bring healing to another.  There will be some Hawaiian chant and spiritual principles introduced to those who attend this class.


These Nature Spirits are invoked, infused and moved thru the cells of the body,

thru the clothing, without oil or deep pressure. Students will learn a full body

shamanic healing routine that deeply heals and nourishes the soul.

Kahi Loa is a very unique form of lomi developed by Serge Kahili King. 

It is a light touch, energy healing technique that calls upon and incorporates

the spirits of nature for the healing benefit of the receiver. 


The practitioner guides the receiver on a meditative and interactive healing

journey that connects them to all parts of themselves through contemplating

and communing with the various aspects of nature.  Gentle movements soothe

and relax the receiver while the Lomi giver is removing stuck or stagnant energy from their body.   Kahi Loa uses a shared intention between the giver and receiver, sound vibration, color, familiar images, symbols and specific words to enhance the effect of this form of sublime bodywork. 

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