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Experience the Sacred ~ Shamanic Bodywork

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Experience the Sacred


If you are being drawn to pursue this kind of healing work, then there will
be many challenges, as well as many gems of self- discovery all along the way that will assist your spiritual and emotional maturity to evolve.  It is
our pleasure to assist you in any way we can as you go through the challenges of your personal evolution.

We highly recommend receiving Lomilomi massage as regular maintenance for optimum health for anyone who would like to experience a ‘healing’ as a deeply intimate feeling of ‘belonging’ in their life or in this world.


The feelings generated when receiving a divine Lomilomi are absolutely ineffable, leaving you empty and fulfilled, wanting more, wondering how deep the initiations can go, wondering just how free your soul can become while still in a body.                


Although all forms of Lomilomi arise from the land of Hawaii, they are practised globally.  If you love receiving lomilomi massage, we suggest
that you come to Hawaii, and stay for a while to feel the deeper presence
and essence of Aloha, Mana and Pono - love, power and wisdom that prevails there.


Lomilomi in all its manifestations is truly a praying work, a gift of
aloha pau ole (love without end) from Divinity.  The aloha philosophy of life, Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork and Temple Style Lomi offers you a way of being and a way of healing with absolutely no limitations whatsoever. 


You can train with us in person or online to learn ways to share the healing power you carry inside of you through your connection to source.  We are all one family, and it is our pleasure to connect with others in the spirit of Aloha.  Contact us to share your story!  We would love to hear from you.

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