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Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage

Relaxing Massage
Upper Back Massage


Nurturing to the Heart and Soul, Lomilomi massage is sacred transformational bodywork, given with pure Aloha Nui – great love. A lomilomi massage leaves you feeling more relaxed, rejuvenated, flexible and open! A session can include:


  • relaxing massage

  • deep spinal clearing

  • deep joint rotations

  • assisted stretches

  • forgiveness process

  • guided visualization

  • ancestral healing

  • energy work


This massage is rhythmic, flowing, loving and therapeutic.

Lomilomi increases circulation by flushing the lymphatic system and clearing the extremities.  Lomilomi works with the ancestors, and clears blockages on an energetic level.

A shorter session can be used to focus on one area of the body, such as feet, face, upper back, or neck and shoulders.

Each session includes specially selected aromatic essential oils to enhance the healing effects of your treatment.  Warm moist towels can be added into a session for no additional cost.

30 min Lomi (targets one area of the body)

45 min Lomi (targets one area of the body)
1 hr Lomi (back of body) ~ $100

1½ hour  Lomi (back and front) ~ $130
2 hr Lomi (back and front) ~ $160
3 hour Lomi (back and front) ~ $220


Buy a Wellness Package of 5 sessions and receive 20% off

(buy 4 sessions, get the 5th free)

5 Pack 1hr: $400

5 Pack 1.5hr: $520

5 Pack 2hr: $640

5 Pack 3hr: $880


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