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More About the Book

The book, Hawaiian Shamanistic Healing is not intended as a completed treatise on Hawaiian traditions or cultural practices. Rather it is a collection of conscious ideas, spiritual practices and philosophy coupled with effective bodywork techniques.


In this book we share the many different approaches to health that we learned
while studying with various teachers who have roots in Hawaii.  In sharing the philosophy, knowledge and healing techniques of these masters, our hope is that you, too, may drink the nectar of their wisdom among these pages and have it
bear fruit in the garden of your own life.


We also share a few healing techniques we developed on own own as a result of
the influence of those teachings, along with the common threads of truth that
exist in many spiritual paths. It offers much for the experienced practitioner
seeking advanced processes to expand into, and for the novice looking to begin
a healing practice.  Wherever you are on your journey, there is something of
value within these pages.

What is being shared here has been created to be shared by the many for the purpose of spreading aloha light to as many souls as possible, for healing our collective global ‘ohana (family).  And so it is, with the utmost respect for all
sacred aboriginal cultures, Hawaiian included; for their heritage and healing traditions, their land and their way of life, that we present shamanic bodywork
and lomilomi healing as living aloha medicine, to facilitate your journey as a
radiant ‘human beaming,’ and co-facilitator of miracles for yourself,
your loved ones and your community.

And so with all due respect to the appropriate parties, we trust that you will now
be able to receive what is being offered within these pages. Your wellness is our prayer, as it is our prayer to inspire you, and assist you to find balance and
harmony within your life, all your relationships and on all levels of your being, creating Heaven on Earth, overflowing within your heart, to share with others.

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