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Lomi Pule O'o

Hawaiian Massage

and the Healing Power of Prayer

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Hawaiian Massage Training with Patti Miller


This 4 day course is a good introduction to the different lineages of
Lomilomi Massage that we carry in our halau. In this course, the students
learn a fairly simple, loving and effective massage routine that combines
some of my favorite strokes from the traditional lineages from Maui,
the Big Island and Kauai. 


It has often been said that “Lomilomi is a Praying work”.

The Hawaiian people believe that it is really the prayers that do the healing, much more than the technique or the strokes.  Here we dive into the mystery
of prayer, and discover how the power of prayer can be used to treat a variety of ailments. We also explore the connection to our ancestors, and share in an ancestor Honoring Circle, in which we share the names, stories and heritage
of our own family lineages.  We create an altar and prayers call to our
ancestors for assistance with our lives and our healing.


Day One

Introduction to the different lineages of Lomi, and the power of prayer

PRONE - Back of Body Massage:

Ocean Wave Stroke for Back of Body

Feet and Leg Massage – Palm Pressing and Dancing Thumbs for Legs


Upper Back Massage - Forearm Strokes, and Clearing the Spine and Shoulders

Assisted Stretches and Massage for the Arms, Hands and Fingers


Day Two

Hawaiian Chant: Na Aumakua - to call in the Ancestors

Deeper Calf and Leg Massage, Forearm Strokes, Stretches and Light Rotations for Legs

Practice Full Back Routines (give one and receive one)


Day Three

Exploration of different types of prayer, and Mana - how to build an effective prayer


SUPINE - Front of Body

Foot Massage

Ocean Wave Stroke for Front of Body

Leg Massage – Forearm and Hand strokes for Thighs and Shins


4 Different Belly Massage Strokes (assisting the flow of digestion)


Hand and Arm Massage
Neck Massage

Heart and Pectoral Massage

Face Massage


Day Four

Ancestor Honoring Circle

Practice Full Body Routines (give one session and receive one session)

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