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Big Island Style Lomi


Hawaiian Massage Training with Patti Miller


This 4-6 day course will immerse students in the beauty and richness
of the island of Hawaii, the Big Island. We will share strokes and
techniques from the halau of Aunty Margaret, as well as Bone Washing
and Creating Space from the halau of Harry Uhane Jim.  Much attention
will be paid to embodying the spirit of Aloha in this training, showering
both the giver and the receiver in gratitude, growth and bliss. 

Students will learn a full body routine that engages the receiver in
breathing open their body mind and spirit, while they are experiencing a deeply loving and relaxing massage. Aunty Margaret had a way of
combining a more therapeutic massage style with an ancient and sacred meaning that deeply nourishes the soul.  This style of lomi is feminine and gentle, and very therapeutic.


The techniques of Harry Uhane Jim work to gently open and create more space between the joints and bones of the body, and allow for the
cherished wounds to come out to be released, so that more of our true, authentic self can be present. We share the shamanic aspects of moving
the trauma out of the bones and the extremities of the body, with the use
of breath and intention.


Day One

Introduction to the teachings of Aunty Margaret, the meaning of Aloha and Mahalo
PRONE - Back of Body Massage:

Neck and Head Bone Washing

Ocean Wave Stroke for Upper Back

Forearm Strokes and Hand Strokes for Upper Back

Massage Strokes for the Arms

Assisted Stretches for the Arms


Day Two

Hawaiian Chant and Song: Aloha Song

Buttock, Foot and Leg Massage

Assisted Stretches and Light Rotations for Opening the Legs

Practice Full Back Routines (give one and receive one)


Day Three

Introduction to the teachings of Harry Uhane Jim

SUPINE - Front of Body

Creating Space Technique

Assisted Stretching for Opening Arms, Legs, and Head

Massage for Legs, Arms

Bone Washing Technique


Day Four:

Teachings of Harry Uhane Jim Continued

Front of Body Strokes for Connecting Heart and Belly

4 Different Belly Massage Strokes (assisting the flow of digestion)

Bonewashing for Ribs and Chest

Neck Bonewashing and Massage

Face Massage


Day Five:
Hawaiian Chant: Mahalo Song
Practice Full Front Routines (give one and receive one)

Day Six:

Hawaiian Chant: Mahalo Song

Practice Full Body Routines (give one and receive one)

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