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Aloha Mana

Temple Style Lomi

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Hawaiian Massage Training | Shamanic Bodywork with Patti Miller


This is a 7 day intensive training in Temple Style Lomi, Aloha Mana curriculum.

In this course, the students learn the full body massage routine that focuses on the use of forearms for a massage tool, with some use of the elbow for deeper applications.  There is much focus on deep, slow, joint rotations and assisted stretches for the arms, legs, wrists, ankles, shoulders and hips.  

This training also focuses on creating a daily physical self care and spiritual practices for the practitioner. Morning exercises and meditations are included.


Temple Style Lomi began with Kahu Abraham Kawai’I on the island of Kauai,

and has been widely adapted into the modern Western culture over the past

30 years and has evolved into an innovative and shamanic healing art form.  

We will share several aspects of this art form which some would say, is perhaps the most popular form of Lomi in the world today because of its unique blend

of traditional Hawaiian and contemporary healing approaches.


It is rapidly growing in popularity because of its sensuous, creative and free flowing nature. It’s natural, free spirited and fun, and yet very deep and

grounded in the spiritual roots of the people of Hawaii.


Temple Style Lomi moves from light flowing strokes into deep slow massage, with a stretching and opening of all the limbs. It takes the Receiver into a very deep, transformational process. 

We will introduce a very key aspect of Hawaiian healing – Ho’oponopono,

a process of clearing resentments, fears and judgments. We will share

traditional roots and principles, as well as modern adaptations you can use

every day Ho’oponopono helps you to clear the path to your own Divine

High Self. When the path is clear, you can then live from inspiration, in a flow

of abundance!  We will have a group Ho’oponopono ceremony to invoke the power within us and the assistance of our ancestors to heal issues within us,

and our family lineage.


We will be building our power through Hawaiian chanting and dance.
We will be clearing the way to our future, by setting goals and visualizing our intentions.  We will develop tools for manifestation and join together to create
a powerful group manifestation ceremony called Kalana Hula - Haipule.


Day One

Intro to Hawaiian Healing Foundational Principles (3 Selves, 7 Principles)


PRONE - Back of Body


Assisted Stretches and Rotations for the Shoulders, Arms, Wrists

Assisted Stretches and Rotations for the Knees and Ankles

Video presentation of Kahuna Abraham Kawai’i


Day Two

Morning Movement - Yoga
Discussion on Abraham Presentation
Hawaiian Chant: Aumakua Aloha Mahalo - to call in Spirit Helpers
Introduction to Ho’oponopono



Forearm Strokes that integrate the whole back of the body

Forearm Strokes for Upper Back

Deeper Strokes (using elbow) to clear the spinal processes

Feet, Leg and Buttock Massage – Using Forearm


Day Three

Morning Movement – Yoga

Review the Aumakua Chant and 7 Hawaiian Healing Principles
Intro to Haipule Chant

Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Circle

Practice Full Back Routines (give one and receive one)


Day Four

Morning Movement – Haipule out in Nature – Connecting to the Elements


SUPINE - Front of Body Rotations:

Assisted Stretches and Deep Joint Rotations for the Shoulders

Assisted Stretches and Deep Joint Rotations for the Hips


Day Five
Morning Movement – Intro to Ka’alele
Hawaiian Chant: E Ho’o Mai – to call in the High Self

Shamanic Massage and Clearing of the Face and Neck
Head Rotations and Stretches

Massage: Forearm Strokes for Upper Torso

Forearm Strokes for Arms and Legs

Temple Style Strokes for Deeply Massaging and Clearing the Belly


Day Six

Morning Movement – Partner Ka’alele

Review the Chants and Hawaiian Healing Principles


Practice Full Front Routines (give one and receive one)


Day Seven

Morning Movement – Ka’alele in Circle
Practice Full Body Routines (give one and receive one)

Closing Circle

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