Ho'oponopono ~

Freedom for the Soul

Ho’oponopono – Clearing the Path to Freedom
Hawaiian System for Conflict Resolution

Aloha! Come join me for an experience of
deep inner work and transformation!

Open your heart and soul with the Aloha Spirit!

With the practice of Ho'oponopono, we go deep within to bring our deepest wounds into the realm of spirit,
to heal and bring resolution and freedoms into our lives.
We will tap into that part of ourselves which is sacred and unlimited, and connect to the unlimited power of the Divine, which brings us assistance with transforming our perceptions and making our burdens light.

Ho’oponopono was a big part of life in old Hawaii.  Ho’oponopono is a practice of forgiveness and conflict resolution. It brings order and harmony to your inner being, and your external relationships. Ho’oponopono must be taken care of first to clear the path for any illness or tension to leave the body. It involves a recognition and expression of your deepest feelings, followed by a release of pilikia,(trouble of any kind) and a resolution through grace -Aloha. The Hawaiian word for this release kala (to untie the knot, freedom). When we harbor judgments, all our energy gets tied up in knots, causing illness in the body. Forgiveness is the primary tool used to untie the knots!

The traditional Ho’oponopono process was facilitated through ceremony. The whole family would gather when grievances needed to be settled. In serious cases, an elder would preside. For the ‘every day’ type of issues, there was also the ‘ohana process of Ho’oponopono, which involved the family sitting in circle, before bedtime, going one by one around the circle so that each member of the family could clear away any negative energy before going into dreamtime. This was also done by some individuals at the end of the day, in quiet contemplation and prayer.

In our gatherings we share both the more traditional, group ceremonial style, as well as the simplified modern day adaptations for personal use.


When used regularly, we find Ho’oponopono to be one of the most miraculous and gratifying spiritual practices we have ever come upon! Lifetimes of karma can be lifted, and the liberation that comes from living a life free of the energetic baggage of judgement feels so good! The gifts and rewards that come are endless~

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