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Personal Training

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Spa Day

Personal Training:

In a personal training you can take your work to a whole new level!  Learn advanced healing techniques in a short period of time!


A personal training is a great way to share a healing experience with a loved one, such as a spouse, or close friend.

Trainings are 2 /3 days in length and involve learning bodywork techniques for the front and back of the body, as well as learning about the philosophy and spiritual aspects of the work. 

Longer trainings can be broken down into a series of 2/3 day weekend workshops, in which you will learn the routine in parts.

Bring a Friend for a Healing Weekend:

Personal trainings can be arranged for 1 - 3 students.

We can adapt any course to suit your level of experience. 

A personal training can be done on a weekend.
Lodging available nearby for visitors from out of town!

In a personal training, you can learn alot more in a shorter period of time, because in a smaller group you receive more one on one attention received from the teacher.

In 2/3 days you can potentially learn a complete full body routine!

In a 3 day personal training, you can receive a one on one

2 hr session from me, in addition to your 2 days of training.



1 person: $250/day per person ($500 for a weekend lomi training)

2 people: $200/day per person ($400 for a weekend lomi training)

3 people: $175/day per person ($350 for a weekend lomi training)


Host a Training:

Want to bring me to your town?
If you can gather at least 4 people,
I will come to you and teach a training! 
Please email me for more details....

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