Lomilomi - Hawaiian Massage

1 hr ~ $100

1.5 hr ~ $125

2 hr ~ $150

3 hr ~ $200


Nurturing to the heart and soul, Lomilomi massage is sacred transformational bodywork,
given with pure Aloha Nui – unconditional love.

This massage is rhythmic, flowing, loving and therapeutic.  It increases circulation by flushing the lymphatic system.  Sessions can invlove assisted stretching, joint rotations and other shamanic healing techniques, including Ho'oponopono and Ancestral healing.

Reflexology ~ Hand and Foot Treatments

30 min ~ $50

45 min ~ $75

Reflexology helps to induce relaxation and circulation,
encouraging the body to heal itself.

This treatment involves the use of hot moist towels applied to the feet and/or hands with a luxurious and relaxing reflexology massage using aromatherapy massage oils.


45 min ~ $75

Luxurious Aromatherapy Facials that uses specially selected all natural essential oil based products to cleanse, moisturize, and exfoliate, along with a relaxing face, neck and hand massage with warm moist towels. 

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