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Traditional Hawaiian Massage

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Hawaiian Massage Training with Patti Miller


This 4 Day training will present the teachings of Sherman Raman Das Dudoit,

who practiced and taught a traditional lineage of Lomilomi that came from a Hawaiian Kahuna on the island of Maui. This lineage originated from a tradition

of bone setting and massage that was designed to be used for Hawaiian warriors who needed alignment and relief from pain.  It is a style of lomi that creates a simple full body routine that can be used in a professional setting.  This type of massage focuses on circulation and relaxation through a spiritual connection to Divinity, and so it is very flowing and nurturing, given with the gift of the spirit of aloha.  The Heartworks Training involves meditations for centering and quieting

the mind so that the Higher Power can work through the practitioner.


Day One

Introduction to the teachings of Sherman Raman Das Dudoit and

Hawaiian Healing Principles,

Waterfall of Aloha Meditation: breathing Light from above, into the heart,

down the arms and out the hands.

PRONE - Back of Body Massage:

The “Long Stroke” – full body stroke

Alternating Strokes (over four sections of the body)

Dancing Thumbs (over legs and back)


Day Two

Hawaiian Chant and Song: He Ke Hau - for clearing and alignment

Review Principles for Healing
Aloha Meditation: Ha Breath – the breath of Life - for opening the heart and belly, and clearing your energy


Massage Strokes for Clearing the Neck, Shoulders and Trapezius

4 Different Upper Back Strokes (smoothing along Spine, Hips and Sacrum)


Practice Full Back Routines (give one and receive one)


Day Three

Review He Ke Hau Chant 

The Meaning of the Aloha Spirit
Ho’oponopono Intro


SUPINE - Front of Body Massage:

Feet, Legs, Hands, Forearms

Front Chest Massage Strokes

Breast/Pectoral Massage Strokes

4 Different Belly Massage Strokes (assisting the flow of digestion)

Neck and Scalp Massage

Face Massage


Day Four

Ho’oponopono Meditation or Sharing Circle

Practice Full Body Routines (give one and receive one)
Closing Circle

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