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Art for the
Heart and Soul

mixed media creations
by Patti Miller

I love to paint images inspired by the beauty of nature and my healing journey.  My favorite medium to work with is oil paint, because of the deep richness of the colours. I add in mixed media into the oil paintings to add texture and bling.  I also love to draw illustrations in ink, coloured pencil and water colour.  See my online store to see what I have created!

I have a playful, whimsical style that comes from a nurturing connection to the Inner child in all of us.  It is my belief that nurturing your inner child in a loving way is a big part of healing.  It is my hope that my art can be used in a way that brings more love to the world.

I like to portray the concept of Gods and Goddesses, the ancestor spirits, the spirits of nature, and the Divine energy that vibrates through all forms of life.  My art allows the viewer to open the door to the realm of the invisible.

My art is inspired by the years I spent in Hawaii, studying the healing arts.  I spent endless hours enjoying the beauty of the ocean, spending time with the dolphins and the whales, and hiking in the mountains and kayaking the rivers of the islands.

I was deeply moved by my time in Hawaii and it has provided me with endless inspiration and the spirit of Aloha forever lives inside of me.  I find my art is a way to transport me back to the islands, and to take Hawaii with me wherever I go!

BC Canada is my home, so I spend alot of time in the forests and at the ocean here as well.  The wild life here on the Sunshine Coast can be seen everywhere, and this unique environment provides a strong spiritual energy for creating art.


I collect rocks, shells and beach glass from the beaches of the Sunshine Coast, and use these found objects in my art.  This way the energy of the land can be felt in the pieces I create.