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E 'olelo pono kakou,

e hana me ka 'oia'i'o

Let us speak at all times with

let us work with sincerity. 



In Hawaii, it is common when parting, for one to say
'E MALAMA PONO!  This is very similar to saying
"Take good care of yourself!" in english when saying goodbye. 

It means to take good care, but more literally,
to take care (malama), with goodness and full presence (pono).



Pono means harmony, goodness and righteousness.
To live in pono is to live in harmony with all forms of life.
When we live in harmony, we consider the well being of others,
and so we make decisions that benefit the whole.
This way we do not harm ourselves or others, and we help to serve the greater good of all. From this place of pono we can accomplish great things in life, and have happy and successful relationships and a healthy, happy life. 


Pono means Divine Right Order.
To create more harmony in our lives, we seek to be guided by a
higher wisdom, which is the wisdom of the heart.


Pono means Right Relationship. We can begin to see the best way
to respond in any situation, and live in right relationship
with ourselves, others and the land.

To be in right relationship with Your Self involves:

  • The relationship between your conscious mind and your sub-conscious, and body

  • The relationship between your mind and your Divine High Self - Your Spirit

  • Your personal relationship to your guides and guardian spirits


To be in right relationship with Others involves:

  • Your spouse, lover, family, co-workers, the world,
    the media, the government, authority figures

  • The Earth, the Stars, the Animals, Nature Spirits, Ancestors, God



Ho'oponopono literally means to create more pono

(harmony and goodness)


Ho'oponopono works by recognizing any judgments, guilt or resentment you have in any relationship or circumstance, and fully committing to releasing and forgiving these limited points of view,

and intentionally letting go of any energetic attachments that are held in the body.

In Ho'oponopono we open to the Divine through our own High Self - our Spirit, and allow Spirit to move into our body as pure light, to release any stuck energy or memories from the cells of our body.


We allow our High Self to guide our thoughts into a more empowered perspective. We shift our perspective into one of grace, understanding and acceptance.


This sacred traditional Hawaiian practice was considered very crucial to ones well being and health, and the process is done as a group to clear family conflicts, or alone at the end of the day to clear one's self. 



malama: To take care of, care for, preserve; to keep or observe as sacred; to conduct, as a service; to serve, honor, as God; care, preservation, support; fidelity,
loyalty; custodian, caretaker.


malamalama: light of knowledge, clarity of thinking
or explanation; shining, clear.


ho'omalamalama: To cause light, brighten, illuminate, enlighten, inform.


Malama is to care for fully and completely in a conscious and devoted way. So in this context we see that taking care of our pono, taking care of ourselves, is a daily process of preservation and protection; full of devotional attentiveness, in which we brighten our light, illuminate ourselves, and lift our spirits.   

E malama pono kakou!

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