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Aloha 'Aumakua 

~ Honoring the Ancestral Grand Plan ~


Na wai ho'i ka 'ole ke akamai
he ala nui i ma'a i ka hele ia
'E o'u mau Makua? 


Who would not be wise
on the trail so long walked upon
by our ancestors? 


If we keep doing our work along the path, it often seems like we get stuck in certain places and nothing seems to change.  This can be discouraging, but these times that are the most frustrating are often the times when we are close to a breakthrough. 

If in these tough times, we do our ho'oponopono, and let go of guilt, resentment and judgement over the past, it is hard to see that anything is actually happening, but I assure you, if we keep at it, we are rewarded!  It takes some time, but little by little things begin to look different, feel different, and little miracles begin to show up in your life. 

After a while, we are back in a state of flow, and we can see that life is just a series of experiences that are perfectly, immaculately designed to enrich and grow our soul! 


With a deep connection to our High Self, and our ancestors, we can walk with dignity, knowing that we are not alone, and our spirit is huge, watching over us, helping us create our reality in every moment.

We can then begin to live life in the moment. And as each moment leads to the next, we begin to feel that everything has been set up for us already by our own High Self, with our ancestral guardians, and all we really need to do is stay aligned, and step into it!  


Today I would like to share some of the teachings of Hale Makua, a kahuna from the Big Island who shared his wisdom with Hank Wesselman, who then wrote the book the Bowl of Light.

"When the seed of light derived from our 'Aumakua arrives with the first Ha (breath of life) and takes up residence within us, it's like a probe," Makua said. "The 'unihipili soul is already present in the new physical body, having been sourced to us by our mother and father."

"Our 'Aumakua itself is our spiritual dream body, our distinct and separate immortal soul - our Higher Self that always lives in the spirit world.  This can serve us as a portal through which we can dream and can travel into the worlds of spirit while we are still embodied here.  Through the gift of our light that comes into us in each lifetime, it becomes a part of each of us here."

"When our physical body dies, our energetic aspect, our kino aka that carries the composite of the three embodied souls, detaches.  It then exists for a  period of time independent of the physical body in a free state, thus maintaining its integration as a personal pattern for as long as it needs."

"The breath is the connecting link between the energy body and the physical body, and when we release our last breath at life's end, we release our Ha, and our soul cluster is free.  Slowly at first, and then with increasing speed, our energetic body, along with our soul cluster, loses its attachment to this world, and returns to its 'Aumakua.  At that point, the personal self in whom we have invested so much time during life is subsumed into our immortal soul-field --into our real self."  taken from the Bowl of Light, by Hank Wesselman

In reading this, we are reminded that there is a part of ourselves that is beyond the small dramas in our lives, and it is looking on with compassion at all times.


We can connect to this part of ourselves at any time, and rise above the drama here on earth, and align ourselves with the Grand Ancestral Plan!

Aloha 'Aumakua!

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