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Wellness Packages

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Are you ripe for wellness?  Ready for a juicier existence? Willing to live a sweeter life?

Try a Wellness Package, or come for a Wellness Weekend Retreat!

We can work together to create a series of sessions where we will look at all areas of your life, to see which areas need a shift.  We will focus in on any current issues you are facing in your healing, and bring alignment to your body mind and spirit.



(for people who can come regularly for a few months)

When you combine several modalities together in a 5 session package,

you can receive the full benefit of the services offered!

In a 5 session Wellness Package, we lay out a plan for wellness that involves

  • counselling and coaching for the mind and the emotions

  • self care homework for creating positive change

  • holistic bodywork treatments for repairing the skin, muscles and organs

  • cleansing and detoxifying the body

  • techniques restoring peace and balance in the nervous system

A wellness package is a good deal! (20% off the regular fee of each session)
Once purchased, your package is good for 6 months,
so you can book your sessions as needed for your optimal wellness.



(for people from out of town who want to come to Gibsons BC for a weekend)

In a Wellness Weekend, you can dive deep into your self care, receiving bodywork, aromatherapy, and facial treatments, while also nurturing your emotional and mental well-being with a little counselling. A wellness weekend is a good deal! (20% off the regular fee of each session) ~ Lodging Available Nearby for a Discounted rate ~

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