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Benefits of Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

What Are the Benefits of Lomilomi Massage?

A Hawaiian Massage, or Lomi, has many benefits. This type of massage feels amazing and takes you into a place of bliss and peaceful relaxation. Hawaiian massage is known for releasing tension and inflammation, in a way that also feels nurturing and spiritual. A Lomilomi session is a somatic healing experience that enables us to re-pattern ourselves on both a mental and physical level.

Bring Relief to the Body, Mind and Spirit

The Body: relax the nervous system, release stress, relieve pain, increase circulation, release toxins

The Mind: re-frame your story, acknowledge hurts, decide to forgive, change beliefs, focus intent

The Spirit: enter into a meditative or trance state, pray, receive healing or guidance from a higher power

Lomilomi brings harmony to the three parts of ourselves by asking us to look within and address any areas of our life that need adjusting, and then making a commitment to change. In order for our bodies to heal, we must forgive ourselves and others, and open our hearts to love. We are encouraged to express our emotions, and to acknowledge how we feel. We must examine our role in the issues we are experiencing, and break our patterns of reaction, creating new and healthy patterns for ourselves.

The Power of the Breath

The breath is a big part of receiving the benefits of lomilomi. By breathing we unite our three selves and come into alignment on all levels. As we breath, our mind relaxes, and we activate different areas of our brain. Our body becomes oxygenated and the nervous system comes into balance. When we connect to our own inner being, our Spirit, we can access information and energy for inspiration.

Bring Peace and Harmony into our Past, our Present and our Future

In Hawaiian healing we look at our, past, our present and our future to see if we are carrying any negative emotions in regards to these areas of our life. When we create alignment in these three parts of our existence, our bodies can also come into alignment, tension can be released, and healing can take place at a cellular level.

The Past: healing childhood issues, past trauma, and processing emotionally charged memories

The Present: changing our response to stress by accepting how things are now, and loving ourselves

The Future: deciding what to focus on, letting go of limiting beliefs, fear, worry or anxiety

Take Back Your Power

In a lomilomi session you are asked to look at where you are giving your power away in your life. Our power can be given away by us holding on to beliefs or personalities that are false and unhealthy.

When we give our energy to these false realities, the energy of our bodies can go out of balance. This can result in all kinds of ailments. When we correct these areas, our energy can flow in a balanced and harmonious way, and our bodies will become stronger. Here are some of the main areas we need to consider when looking at taking back our power.

Others: Be aware of when you are allowing the opinions of others to sway your decisions in a way that does not serve your highest good. There are many people in our lives who can influence our decisions in life; such as a spouse, friend, family member or co worker. It is important to realize how you truly feel about the decisions you are making, and what is motivating you. Holding anger towards people from your past also drains your power.

Media: This is an area we really need to be careful with. Watching tv, internet, or movies can influence how we feel about ourselves and our reality. We need to decide how we want our world to be, what we want to believe, and we grow by taking action in our own lives.

Addictions: It is good to look at how we may be allowing addictions to run our lives, such as: food, sex, drugs, work, exercise, or shopping. We may need to use more self discipline.

By taking back your power, you can really make a positive difference in your own life and in the lives of others. You can begin to manifest more and more abundance in every area of your life. When you take back your power, you can begin to live a healthy life style, where you can self regulate your emotions, achieve your goals, and take better care of your body.

It is my pleasure to assist in any way I can to bring wholeness and well-being into people’s lives. I have seen many beautiful transformations take place when people commit to taking their own health seriously.

The benefits of lomilomi are many, and it is my honour to share what I have learned with you all. I encourage you to come to one of my classes or private sessions to experience Hawaiian healing! ~ Malamo Pono ~

Written by: Patti Kale’aokalani Miller - 604 886 4588 -

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