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Ha - The Breath of Life ~ Our Greatest Gift

What is Ha, and how does the breath come into play in a holistic healing session? This article will explain the power of the breath, how we can access this power in our daily lives, and how we use the breath to heal in a Hawaiian Lomilomi massage session.

Mai no’oe, ka Uhane Nui

Ha mai ka ola

From you, oh Great Spirit, comes the breath of life

- the Ha breath, the breath of life - There is no greater gift,

no greater healing force than this.

Ha is the Divine breath, containing all the power of source energy, which is given from God (our creator) to bring life to all of creation.

The Hawaiian word for breath is “Ha”. In Hawaii, the source of all creation is referred to as I’o, or Iao. ‘Io (God) uses the Ha to breathe life into all living things. Ha is a great breath that contains all of the love of God. It is a breath that contains the supreme energy of God. It is the essence of Spirit, that has the power to give life to things.

Because we are given the gift of the Ha breath from Spirit, we too are breathing beings. When we take our first breath, our spirit animates our body. When we take our last breath, our spirit detaches from our body. Because we breathe, we carry the essence of the Divine source of all of creation within us.

In this simple, and yet profound way, we can always remember that our breath is our connecting chord back to God. We are given Ha, our breath, to have that constant reminder that God is living through us. Any time we wish to hear the voice of God, we must listen from within. We must connect to the God within us, in order to be able to hear the voice of God. In the Ha, you find your place of connection.

Where Love is, Ha Never Dies

God is Love! This love is unlimited and infinite, and has the power to do all things. This eternal everlasting love can be experienced in the Ha breath. The voice of God is the voice of unconditional love. We must quiet the mind to hear the voice of God coming through our body, through our “High Self”. This is our higher awareness, higher perceptions, that come through our super conscious mind.

God speaks to us sometimes through a thought, through a feeling, or through a sign, an omen that is symbolic to us. Sometimes God speaks through us through our spirit guides or our ancestors. Many times, it is just an impulse that comes to us as inspiration. This awareness frees us from all our limitations. And it comes from being present with the Ha.

When we focus on our breathing, our minds become quiet. We must stop the loop of chatter running in the mind long enough for the softer, quieter voices of our High Self and our guides to come forward. This is done by setting an intention to allow these aspects of our awareness to come forward into our conscious awareness. Then we simply breathe, with our awareness in our hearts, and our awareness in our bodies. Breathe with the intention to connect to the love in all things, and to hear the voice of God as it comes through our High Self.

What is the Ha Breath?

The Ha breath can be used as a breathing technique at any time. This is how Harry Uhane Jim, describes the Ha breath in his book, Wise Secrets of Aloha:

“In Lomilomi treatments, it describes a deliberate process of breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth deeply and completely, making a “Ha” sound on the exhale. This breathing is intended to enjoin the presence of the verb God to heal through emotional evolution.”

A Lomilomi session is performed with the understanding that both the practitioner and the receiver are calling to the Higher power to come into them through the breath, the Ha, as the healing session takes place.

In the Ha, we come into alignment with the light of Aloha, which is also known as “unconditional love” or “Christ consciousness”. With the breath of life, the Ha, all things are changed. All things become light.

In Hawaiian healing we are taught to pay attention to our breath throughout the entire session. We remind the client to continue to breathe deeply, and to focus on their breath while the healing is taking place, as we breathe along with them.

As the Lomi practitioner moves over the areas of the body, that which does not exist in the light comes up to be acknowledged, and then is transmuted into the light, as the receiver keeps breathing and calling to a Higher power, to love.

The Ha Breath is a Creative Breath

In all things in life, we must always remember, the Ha breath is also a creative breath. Ha carries the mana, the powerful energy of creation that can be used for our manifestation. So, in all our daily activities, we must align our intent with our breath to create healing or anything else in our lives.

You can create affirmations for your manifestation and breathe into these affirmations as you repeat the statements to yourself. You can also visualize the reality you are wanting to create, invoking your positive feelings and emotions, and breathe into that vision. As you breathe in this way, your body will re-calibrate its energy to align with your intentions.

When you breathe with awareness and intention in a healing setting, the body responds quickly by sending all kinds of healing hormones and chemicals into the bodies systems. You can literally breathe with intention into the part of the body you are wanting to heal. As you breathe, the body will feel this change in frequency, and it will begin to respond, by releasing any trauma, stuck energy or stuck emotions, in order to come into alignment.

Try Ha Breathing Daily to Transform Your Life

Any time you feel triggered, stuck, or off balance emotionally, you can use your breath to bring yourself back into alignment. Here is how to practice ha breathing in your daily life.

  • Take a deep breath in, and then exhale out through your mouth, making a “HAAAAA” sound.

  • Keep repeating with this “HA” breathing pattern, with your awareness focused in your belly and your heart.

  • Feel your belly soften and expand as you inhale, feel the breath rise into the lungs and expand your chest at the top of the inhale.

  • Then allow the breath to drop as you exhale through an open, relaxed jaw. Keep breathing in and out, noticing any sensations that arise.

  • Feel your energy begin to shift, as the inhale and exhale eventually come into a place of ease and harmony.

  • You can introduce a feeling quality to your breathing pattern at any time; such as love or peace, by breathing in with feeling and then breathing out with feeling.

As you breathe the Ha breath, you are infusing your brain with oxygen, alkalizing the body, and releasing endorphins in the brain. It feels really good!

Harry Uhane Jim, who teaches of Hawaiian Healing, recommends doing 30 Ha breaths a day, for 3 months. Try the 30 day Ha breath challenge! It is really good to do this first thing in the morning, and is also very beneficial to do right before bed at night. You simply sit and taking 30 Ha breaths: with intention, with joy, with love and with gratitude, every day for 3 months. It will change your life!

Our breath is our most valuable tool we are given from Spirit, and it is up to us to unlock its mysteries, and to see what can be revealed and discovered. I encourage you to reach out to me any time to chat about your healing journey, and come to one of my events or private sessions to experience the power of Hawaiian Healing for yourself! Mahalo, and Malama Pono. ~ Thank you, and Take Good Care

written by Patti Miller

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Anna Koryukina
Anna Koryukina
May 01, 2023

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